Day of German Unity

Day of German Unity

Day of German Unity, © dpa

30.09.2023 - Article

Celebrating the 33rd Anniversary of German Reunification

As we come together to celebrate the 33rd Aniversary of German Reunification, we reflect not only on the history and unity of our great nation but also on the broader significance of multilateral cooperation and strengthened relationships. Despite undeniable challenges, Germany's unification still serves as an example for unity in diversity and the power of the people to peacefully overcome oppression. But neither German unity nor our journey of prosperity could have been achieved without support of our friends and partners worldwide and in particular in Europe and North America. So, this is a day to be humble and give thanks!

We are excited about the thriving relationship between Germany and Jamaica, a union that extends beyond the realms of politics and economics. Through tourism, cultural exchange programs, music, dance, film and more, both nations have discovered each other‘s beauty.

As we commemorate this day, let us reaffirm our commitment to working together bilaterally and in multilateral forums, with respect and empathy, recognizing that it is only collectively by bridging gaps and fostering cultural understanding, that we can tackle the global challenges that affect all of us. We are looking forward to continuing our work for a strengthened relationship between Jamaica and Germany.

In this sense: Happy Anniversary and blessed Earthstrong!

Your German Embassy

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