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16.03.2021 - Article

General Information

German citizens residing in Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands can apply for a new German passport at our Embassy. German citizens residing in the Bahamas are asked to contact the Consulate General in Miami.

 Applications for a biometric German passport with fingerprints (ePass) must be submitted at the Embassy personally.  An ePass is valid for 10 years, if the applicant is 24 years old or older and for 6 years, if the applicant is younger than 24. Children with German nationality under 12 can apply for a Children’s passport, instead of the e-Pass.  In emergency cases a temporary passport can be issued. Children’s passports and temporary passports are valid for 1 year.

 To apply for a passport, an appointment must be booked using the online appointment system free of charge on our website. To book your appointment, please use the link on the bottom of this page. After making an appointment, the confirmation will be sent to you via email.

Passport is mandatory

It is mandatory to have a passport if one is  travelling abroad. The German ID-card is not sufficient for travelling outside of the European Union. A traveller who has left Germany without a valid passport cannot assume that without a valid passport he/she will also be permitted to enter another country or return to Germany.

Children 12 years old and younger

 For children 12 years old and younger generally a children’s passport is sufficient for travelling abroad. A children’s passport is valid for 1 year and is issued for children not older than 12. However, the children’s passport is not acknowledged in some countries or is not a part of their visa waiver program (e.g. USA). Before travelling, please inform yourself about the official entry requirements into your destination country.

Since June 26, 2012, the inscription of children into their parent’s passport is not recognized anymore. All travelling children (at any age) must have their own travel document.

Important for dual citizens

 Dual citizens (adults and children) are obliged to present German travel documents when entering and exiting Germany. Many countries also follow this international practice and ask their nationals when entering or exiting to present the travel document issued by this country. Dual citizens are advised to seek detailed information before travelling or to travel with both passports.

Passport application

The application for a new German passport can be done at the passport section of the German Embassy and must be done in person. This applies also to minor applicants, whereby they also need to be accompanied by their legal guardians. In case that one of the legal guardians cannot be present, his/her written authorization certified by a notary has to be provided.

To apply for a passport, an appointment must be booked using the online appointment system free of charge on our website. To book your appointment, please use the link on the bottom of this page. After making an appointment, a confirmation will be sent to you via email.

Due to often long and expensive travel, we advise our applicants from the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Cayman Islands to send us an email scan of all necessary documents for review before coming to the Embassy.

Application Info   Application Adult   Application Minor   Sample passport photos   Change of residence

Lost passport

If you have  lost your passport or it has been stolen from you, you must report it immediately to the police and to the Embassy to avoid any abuse of your document.

In case of loss of identification papers during your journey abroad you can contact the consular sections of embassies or consulates or some honorary consuls. They can issue a replacement travel document valid for the time of your return journey (max. 1 month) into Federal Republic of Germany, transit countries included. If your stay abroad is longer than 1 month or you plan to continue your travel to another countries, it is possible to have a temporary passport issued.

Providing the embassy with a photocopy of the lost document and a relevant police reports will make the issuing of a replacement travel document and related communication between the German authorities easier. The authority offices in Germany are not available on weekends nor on national holidays and this can result in postponing issuance of the document to the next working day.

Some countries demand the entry stamp in order to be able to leave the country legally. In this case an exit visa needs to be issued, which may additionally postpone the planned journey.

Applying for a national ID Card

The German Consulate General in Miami is the relevant authority for processing and issuing ID cards to German nationals residing in Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands and in the Bahamas. Please click here for more Information.

Travelling to or through the USA

German passports holders must apply for ESTA (fee-based online travel authorisation) before any travel to or through the USA by sea or air. Holders of temporary or children’s passports need a visa to travel to or through the USA.


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