Day of German Unity

Day of German Unity

Day of German Unity, © dpa

30.09.2022 - Article

Celebrating the 32st Anniversary of German Reunification

It has been now 32 years since Germany was reunified. The Federal Republic of Germany is still grateful to our friends and partners worldwide and in particular in Europe and North America for having supported Germany to achieve its unity.

Despite all the various global and regional crises including the Covid-19 pandemic, which the world has been through during the last decade, we appreciate what has been achieved and cherish the freedom, peace and opportunities which German and European unity has brought about for so many.

Today we are not only appreciative in terms of German reunification, we are also celebrating another important jubilee, namely the 60th anniversary of the independence of Jamaica. Since Germany was one of the first countries at the time to recognize independent Jamaica, we are happy to also celebrate 60 years of Jamaican-German relations this year.

Since then and over the years, Jamaica and Germany have been good partners both bilaterally and in multilateral forums. We are looking forward to continuing our work for a strengthened relationship between Jamaica and Germany.

In this sense: Happy Anniversary!

Your German Embassy

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