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06.02.2023 - Article

Germany and Jamaica are tied by common democratic values and a common engagement for a peaceful und lawful world order. Our friendship is based on mutual respect, understanding and sympathy of our people and countries. We thrive to strengthen our common grounds now and in the future.

Germany and Jamaica conduct a stable bilateral relationship since 1962 when Germany - as one of the first countries- recognized Jamaica’s independence. Over many years Germany intensely worked on establishing a bilateral development cooperation leading to visible success to date. This commitment continues through regional projects of the European Union and Germany of which Jamaica benefits as well. The German Embassy in Kingston supports projects in various fields including human rights. In recent years climate protection, preservation of natural ressources and biodiversity complemented our common agenda.
Germany and Jamaica share mutual commitment for a lawful world order, strong economic and scientific bonds as well as diverse personal liasons. Jamaica is also a popular travel destination among German tourists who cherish the beauty of the island and the hospitality of the Jamaican people.
Our aim is to foster the communication among artists, people working in the cultural sector, students and business representatives, in short: among people of our two countries.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to exchange thoughts with you via this website or our social media treads on facebook and instagram.

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Jan Hendrik van Thiel born 1965 in Berlin, married, three children 1983 Abitur and Baccalauréat at the Lycée franco-allemand de Berlin 1983-1987 University studies of Economics…

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